Business or Tourist Visa

It's pretty physically unsettling, living life on a visa.

Visa and its types

Visa Type Description
Type #1: Tourist visa (pleasure travel visas)
Type #2: Immigration and naturalization visas (including by marriage)
Type #3: Student visas (for studying abroad)
Type #4: Business or work visas (for working, which includes both non-immigrant and immigrant types)

What is difference between Tourist Visa and Business Visa?

In general, ‘tourist’ visas are issued specifically for the purpose of travel for pleasure, while a ‘business’ visa generally permits a traveler to engage in normal business-related activities. You need a supporting letter to apply for business visa. Click here to read about Citizenship Programs.

Business Visa:

Government authorities issue business visas to travelers who intend to conduct business activities and meetings that do not constitute labor or gainful employment in a specific country. Common activities performed on a business visa: Attend meetings. Click here to read about Work Visa.

Tourist Visa:

A tourist visa is issued for the purpose of visiting a country for leisure or sightseeing activities. They allow the visa holder to stay in the country for a limited period. Business visas on the other hand are issued to help travelers engage in business related activities.

Business /Tourist Visa Duration:

A B visa is one of a category of non-immigrant visas issued by the United States government to foreign citizens seeking entry for a temporary period. The two types of B visa are the B-1 visa, issued to those seeking entry for business purposes, and the B-2 visa, issued to those seeking entry for tourism or other non-business purposes. In practice, the two visa categories are usually combined together and issued as a “B-1/B-2 visa” valid for a temporary visit for either business or pleasure, or a combination of the two. Citizens of certain countries do not usually need to obtain a visa for these purposes.

Cost of Business /Tourist Visa:

The Business Visa Cost depends upon the country where you are going to apply because every country has different fee for business visa. Moreover, it is a non-immigrant visa. The application fee is non-refundable and must be paid before the Interview.

Can business/Tourist visa used for tourism?

The B-2 visa is for travel that is recreational in nature, including tourism, visits with friends or relatives, medical treatment and activities of a fraternal, social or service nature. Often, the B-1 and B-2 visas are combined and issued as one visa: the B-1/B-2.

Business / Tourist Visa Requirements:

Business visa requirements are the different for different countries but most common requirements are as follow;

  1. On line business form of the applying country
  2. White background 5cm x 5cm biometric latest photo
  3. You should submit all previous passports.
  4. A copy of all stamped or containing visas pages of your passport is required.
  5. Copy of Signature circulars to verify the authority to sign the documents; Copy of the company registration in chamber of commerce and copy of the bulletin of the trade register.
  6. Bank Statement at least 3 to 6 months
  7. Tax number and tax returns
  8. Cover letter mentioned plan of stay
  9. Hotel reservation
  10. Return ticket reservation

How to apply for Business /Tourist Visa

  • Submit the Form online
  • Pay the visa fees
  • Schedule the visa interview at the embassy or consulate
  • Submit the required documents
  • Attend the visa interview

Business /Tourist Visa Processing Time

If you are found eligible to receive a visa on the day of the interview you should allow approximately 10-15 working days for your application to be processed. Your documents will be returned to you in a large envelope. Otherwise it takes 4 weeks to process your application.

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