A Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD; New Latin Pharmacia Doctor) is an expert doctorate in drug stores. In certain nations, it is a first expert degree and an essential for authorizing to rehearse the calling of a drug store or to turn into a clinical drug specialist. In numerous nations, they are permitted to rehearse freely and can recommend sedates straightforwardly to patients. A PharmD program has huge experiential or clinical schooling segments in basic and progressed levels for the protected and powerful utilization of medications. Experiential instruction gets ready alumni to be practice-prepared, as they as of now have invested a lot of energy preparing in zones of direct persistent consideration and examination. To apply for a student visa click here.

Doctor of Pharmacy is an undergraduate program of 5 years. D Pharmacy consists of 10 semesters. D Pharmacy has the career scope in the health field. D Pharmacy degree has some terms and conditions, as the students have the medical background can get the admission in D Pharmacy course. This degree is widely accepted all over the world internationally and also in Pakistan. In this program, the candidate will pass the in theory and practical examination stages. The aim of this course to modified the thinking of peoples and gave them knowledge about medicines. It is a proper way to get knowledge and a degree of medicines. D Pharmacy is a great value degree in the field of the medical field. Recently D Pharmacy has attracted the attention of candidates. ” Approach a consultant click here.


First years. Semester No. 01

Subjects Name
Pharmaceutics-IA (Physical Pharmacy)
Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IA (Organic)
Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IIA (Biochemistry)
Anatomy & Histology


First Years. Semester No. 02

Subjects Name
Pharmaceutics-IB (Physical Pharmacy)
Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IB (Organic)
Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IIB (Biochemistry)


Second Year. Semester No. 03

Subjects Name
Pharmaceutics-IIA (Dosage Form Science)
Pharmaceutics-IIIA (Pharmaceutical Microbiology &
Pharmacology and Therapeutics-IA
Pharmacognosy-IA (Basic)
Pharmacy Practice-IA (Pharmaceutical Mathematics)


Second Year. Semester No. 04

Subjects Name
Pharmaceutics-IIB (Dosage Form Science)
Pharmaceutics-IIIB (Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Immunology)
Pharmacology and Therapeutics-IB
Pharmacognosy-IB (Basic)
Pharmacy Practice-IB (Bio-statistics)


3rd Year. Semester No. 05

Subjects Name
Pharmacy Practice-IIA (Dispensing Pharmacy)
Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IIIA
Pharmacology and Therapeutics-IIA
Pharmacognosy-IIA (Advanced)

3rd Year. Semester No. 06

Subjects Name
Pharmacy Practice-IIB (Community, Social & Administrative Pharmacy)
Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IIIB (Pharmaceutical Analysis)
Pharmacology and Therapeutics-IIB
Pharmacognosy-IIB (Advanced)
Pharmacy Practice-III (Computer and its Applications in Pharmacy)


4th Year. Semester No. 07

Subjects Name
Pharmacy Practice-IVA (Hospital Pharmacy)
Pharmaceutics-IVA (Industrial Pharmacy)
Pharmaceutics-VA (Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics)
Pharmaceutics-IVA (Industrial Pharmacy)
Pharmacy Practice-VA (Clinical Pharmacy)

4th Year. Semester No. 08

Subjects Name
Pharmacy Practice-IVB (Hospital Pharmacy)
Pharmacy Practice-VB (Clinical Pharmacy)
Pharmaceutics-IVB (Industrial Pharmacy)
Pharmaceutics-VB (Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics)
Pharmaceutics-VIB (Pharmaceutical Quality Management)


5th year. Semester No. 09

Subjects Name
Pharmaceutics-VIIA (Pharmaceutical Technology)
Pharmacy Practice-VIA (Advanced Clinical Pharmacy-II)
Pharmacy Practice-VIIIA (Pharmaceutical Management & Marketing)
Pharmacy Practice-VIIA (Forensic Pharmacy)
Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IVA (Medicinal Chemistry)


5th year. Semester No. 10

Subjects Name
Pharmaceutics- VIIB (Pharmaceutical Technology)
Pharmacy Practice-VIB (Advanced Clinical Pharmacy-II)
Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IVB (Medicinal Chemistry)
PharPharmacy Practice-VIIIB (Pharmaceutical
Management & Marketing)macy Practice-VIIB (Forensic Pharmacy)

Scope of Pharm. D:

Pharmacy is a clinical science engulfing different subjects related to the discovery, manufacturing, provision, and proper use of drugs. Being an expanding industry, Pharmacy provides a lot of career options for candidates. After completing this degree, the students can work in the following positions in India:

  • Clinical Pharmacist
  • Hospital Pharmacy Director
  • Hospital Staff Pharmacist
  • Medical Writer
  • Pharmaceutical Advisor
  • Medical Safety Physician
  • Supply Logistics leader
  • Drug Safety Associate